When Envy Takes Over

Here I am sitting on a couch… not even at my own home… full of envy. Envy is possibly one of the worst feelings you could ever feel. When I am full of envy, I compare myself, my life, my personality, and where I am going in life to others. I want to throw something at the wall & cry. WHY ENVY WHY. This is what social media does to us. We see something on how maybe one of your good friends is with someone and you are here sitting on the couch, or how someone got on the Dean’s list at your college, or any school for that matter & you are scraping by to graduate.

Here is what I want to tell envy. F*#@k off.

I want to enjoy my life. I want to enjoy the people that I surround myself with. I cannot even begin to tell you how so many people have done so much for me that I feel selfish because I have had a tendency to take advantage of it without realizing I am. We go through life comparing our grades, income, style, and what we eat. That is awesome and all, but why not just stay mindful, in the moment.

I learned one thing specifically while pushing envy to the curb:

  • It makes you enjoy life to the fullest.

Be mindful of you actions. For whatever reason you are reading this, make a life worth living.


xoxo, Anna



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